Digital Marketing Tips to Humanise Your Brand

Humanise your brand

There is a fine line between coming across like a robot and being overly personal when it comes to small business marketing. Yes, you want to appear professional, but here’s the thing:

People buy from people.

In the health and wellness domain, this is especially important. Clients put a lot of trust in you to make them feel better, to solve their ills and help them live a better life – so they want to know who you are and what you stand for.

Humanising your brand is one of the greatest digital marketing tips I have ever received when I moved into small business, yet for me, personally, one of the hardest to maintain.

As a freelance copywriter and editor, I inherently like to hide behind my keyboard! I am not a ‘people person’ and if communication can be done in writing – I’ll take that option over speaking any day! The same goes for images. I wouldn’t say I’m camera-shy exactly, but I am just not the ‘selfie’ kinda gal!

However, as my health and wellness copywriting business grows, this is something I am trying really hard to change – and I urge you, my fantastic fellow business owners and health and wellness professionals – to similarly step outside of your comfort zone and nurture a more personal relationship with your followers.

Know, like and trust

In any small business, in order for your audience to even think about parting with their hard-earned cash, they must first know, like and trust YOU and your brand!

But, how do you do this without baring your soul and taking a million selfies?

Try these digital marketing tips to humanising your brand, without compromising your professionalism!

1. Get your face seen
Brave that camera and get your face onto your social media and digital marketing efforts. While beautiful abstract shots, quotes or product images are great to round out your social media content, it is equally important to show who and where they are coming from. Include images of you in your workplace, in front of your computer or with the products you sell. You can also sprinkle through the odd selfie with a profound quote or interesting anecdote, or show your audience something you do for fun.
If you have staff, get their mugs on screen too! Their pics can be accompanied by a short bio, anecdote or job description so your followers can put a face to the name.

2. Show behind the scenes
No matter what your business is, there are things that go on behind the Insta-perfect images that are not always so glamorous. Don’t be afraid to show some of these little snippets of real-life entrepreneurship via your digital marketing. Let your followers into your world just a little bit; whether that is you staying up until midnight to pack orders, or your tea going cold as you reply to customer queries. Maybe your desk is in a bit of disarray, or your next batch of stock has arrived and you are in the midst of organising it all. These posts can create fantastic social media engagement, and you may find that others want to share their day with you too!

3. Share your story
Your website ‘About’ page is a great place to share your background and interests with your audience, as is your Facebook business page, but don’t leave it at that. Another effective way to humanise your brand is to create a series of social media posts that highlight different snippets from your past. This could include why you started the business, what your previous job was, where you studied and what, where you grew up and even information such as places you have travelled. Take an hour or so to get your series done and scheduled, and there’s a bulk of content you no longer need to think about!

4. Respond to comments

ALWAYS respond to follower comments on your social media platforms. Even if that is a simple, ‘thanks for your feedback’, or ‘so great to read’, or ‘that’s wonderful, thank you for sharing’. This not only validates your follower’s effort, but helps organic reach of the post due to the positive engagement.

5. Personalise your language
Talk in ‘I’, and ‘we’ as well as ‘you’ and ‘your’ in your digital marketing. This makes your content directly relatable to readers and feels closer, warmer and more inviting. This goes for your social media and website content, as well as any automated emails or messages. Email has the added advantage of allowing you to include the recipient’s name – utilise this option.

6. Stick to your values

Above all, make sure your personal and business values shine through in your digital media marketing. If family is important, show it. If authenticity and transparency is the cornerstone of your business practices, make sure your audience knows. Just as you repeat your brand colours and style visually, you can do the same in the words and tone you choose throughout your content.

If you are struggling with your digital marketing content, send me a message and we can work out how to get you back on track with scroll-stopping content that reflects your brand’s unique personality and resonates with your ideal audience. Contact me via to set up a time to chat.