What Does a Nutrition Coach Do?

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Navigating the countless fads, well-meaning pieces of advice and latest ‘research’ in the health and wellness area is exhausting! With all of that information and opinion floating around, how are we supposed to know what to do to keep ourselves illness-free and happy in our skin?

That’s where nutrition coaching comes in – to dispel the myths, ditch the overwhelm and set aside the health and wellness BS.

Effective nutrition coaching takes an evidence-based, client-centred approach to health. This means we work with YOU, YOUR body and YOUR life to work out the best actions to improve your health and wellbeing – not what a lab or supplement business wants you to do. We cut through the diet nonsense to create a program as unique as you, and help you make little changes each day that make you feel good.

Nutrition coaching teaches you the fundamentals of good health and helps you add small regular practices to your day that, over time, become life-changing healthy habits. This means wellness for life – not a quick fix that leaves you hungry, broke and feeling deflated with guilt every time you ‘fall off the wagon’.

Wholistic health

Working with a nutrition coach is more than macros and calorie counting (in fact, I don’t advise calories are counted at all!). We look at varying aspects of nutrition and your relationship to food and how this shapes your eating habits and preferences, and how you can reframe these to improve in increments over time. With habit change comes mindset change and a new way of thinking about food, movement and enjoying life with abundance – not restriction.

We also look at other areas of health, including stress management, sleep and exercise that play important roles in vitality, energy and overall wellbeing. By implementing a range of manageable daily practices that fit your lifestyle and goals, you can gradually – and consistently – move you towards your health goals.

No judgement, no guilt

Nutrition coaching is a guilt-free zone! As your nutrition coach, I am on your team. There is no judgement, no guilt and no shame in this journey, and we look at the entire picture to come up with the best plan for you. We focus on the little wins each day that bring you closer to your ultimate version of health – and if a day doesn’t go according to plan, that is ok too! A challenge is an opportunity to learn that is never wasted. Embrace imperfection!

Nutrition coaching tailored to your needs

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ meal plan or schedule because I believe this is not helpful over the long term. Instead, we implement strategies that are the most likely to produce long-term change and, importantly, are EASY to maintain.

Perhaps you are a busy working mum who struggles to eat a decent breakfast, and instead buys a muffin and a milky coffee on the way to work. Or, maybe you are a student who works evenings and weekends and wants to exercise more, but you just can’t find the time to get to the gym. Maybe you are a shift worker who’s routine is so all over the place that you have lost interest in food altogether.

Each of these people needs different strategies that are easy to fit into their busy lives, along with gentle guidance and support to make change happen. We track simple measurements that fit your unique goals and focus on the little wins each day that bring you energy, wellness and vitality for the long term. As things change in your body and in your life, so does the program, so we constantly evolve to ensure progress at every level.

To find out more about nutrition coaching and if it is right for you, send me a message or email fleur@fleurchapman.com.au